THE FLUX MACHINE Present the Louder Album — With Greasy Riffs and Brattish Vocals

The FLUX MACHINE are New York duo Luis Accorsi with producer Raphael Sepulveda, who — together with their exciting live band — belt out on some energetic, punk-infused rock sounds, influenced by the likes of Rolling Stones, The Ramones and The Foo Fighters.

The Flux Machine - all at once, dirty and shiny...
The Flux Machine – all at once, dirty and shiny…

Now they have released their new full-length album — Louder! [and it is…]

We had a listen

The album begins with the rapid turbulence of “Run Away” and some greasy riffs and brattish vocals.

This is, all at once, dirty and shiny … like finding a silver dollar in a cow patty.

Square Up” is hot, cold and tight. And dirty with it. It has Marilyn Manson style vocals and tar-black blood running through its many-layered ventricles.

Title track Louder!  has the fizziest of all starts … the musical equivalent of dropping an Alka-Seltzer into a newly opened bottle of champagne. This song is just an ​increasingly enjoyable scramble towards orgasmic fury

Spirited, outspoken, energetic and very engaging … this is a must for all lovers of indie alt-rock…

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©


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