DAPHNE GUINNESS is an Optimist In Black — New Single Reviewed Here

The artist DAPHNE GUINNESS might already be familiar to you [she appears with Lady Gaga on the current cover of V Mag … Gaga has long cited Daphne as an inspiration] —

Now the tasteful lady will release her own debut album titled “Optimist In Black” which amplifies and exemplifies her musical tastes ​ — The Doors, Taj Mahal & Jefferson Airplane. ​

The album was produced by the great Tony Visconti at New York’s Avatar Studios (formerly the Power Station) and ‘Fatal Flaw’ is the first single to be taken from the album — to be released May 27 2016.

Optimist In Black - Daphne Guinness
Optimist In Black – Daphne Guinness

We had a listen:

A fresh peel corrugates the low & thickened end of this song, then the Grace Slickish voice oozes out like a paste of mascara.

Psychedelic and undulating, this wavers like oceanic dunes —

And when the plucked sitar sound eventually hurries in, you are not in the least surprised — in fact you have been willing for it to arrive…

This is more redolent of the Summer of Love than a puff of patchouli oil, a bunch of tie-dye T-shirts or a row of long beaded necklaces.

An indulgence of neo-hippie freedom with vocals that are as tasty as chocolate moose and some moves that are oh-so swishy …

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©

Link: https://www.facebook.com/DaphneGuinness



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