CASS MCCOMBS — Medusa’s Outhouse from MANGY LOVE

American folk-hero CASS MCCOMBS @CassMcCombs who deftly blends folkish-pop with psychedelia and punk-junk to create something new and haunting — will release his MANGY LOVE this month [ 26TH AUGUST VIA ANTI]

 Photo Credit : Rachael Pony Cassells
Photo Credit : Rachael Pony Cassells

We have been watching the engrossing video for “Medusa’s Outhouse” [warning: adult content] to get us in the mood.

If it’s so easy, you try…” Says the lyric. And maybe it is easy /maybe it’s not. Sexless love and loveless sex, that is.

This may be a lush song but it’s not soft-focus. It means business — even though the harmonic structure is as light a durex feather.

The vocal is brilliant — so pure — and dances with the muted guitar to create a fascination of dreams and consequences …

Artist Link:
Words: Neil Mach 2016 ©





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