MELISSA BEL — Big Boys Don’t Cry

Here’s something to satisfy all the doo-wop brothas and jazz/ blues sistas out there … the new material from the Toronto-bred MELISSA BEL @melissabelmusic who has arrived in the UK via Las Vegas.

Melissa Bel - booty charges and frisson ...
Melissa Bel – booty charges and frisson …

Here on RAW RAMP island we are rather excited about MEL BEL and have watched her rise since the adorable hug that was “Stay Gone” …

So we are pleased to announce that her new hook-filled single “Big Boys Don’t Cry” will be out 9th September 2016.

It is big and flirty. Bumpy and bouncy.

With booty charges and frisson found in just about every corner.

If there is any complaint at all its that this is toooo Meghan

Oh well, just get down and bop your thung

For lovers of Meghan Trainor and Taylor Swift.

Words: Neil Mach 2016 ©








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