KINGBREAKER — Bury The Witness

KINGBREAKER is Spinky, Gabriel, Tom and Mikko — a new London-based band of metalheads from four different countries and two different hemispheres — drawn together by the need to play music, the desire to do something a little different, to create, to perform, to headbang and to rock.

Kingbreaker - classic-rock architraves ...
Kingbreaker – classic-rock architraves …

Kingbreaker’s music began as a living room collaboration between Australian bassist Tom, and Portuguese guitarist Gabriel in 2013. They had been playing together in London band CITIES WILL FALL for a few years prior, and conceived of a new project during the terminal stages of Cities’ unfortunate demise.

Their umpteen ensuant riff-packed, groove-filled jams were bountiful, and the results were channelled into formats that were sufficiently interesting to pique the curiosity of Finnish drummer Mikko — and Spinky … a vocalist from Hertfordshire and fellow member of Gabriel’s band The Mariana Hollow.

They both joined in 2014.

They are now set to release “Bury The Witness” taken from the “To the Fire” album that’s available digitally from

This is a percussive composition with classic-rock architraves and thick rubbery-bass columns of power.

Imagine if Venom or Raven darkened their diamonds… retained the memorable choruses and the charisma … yet sooted the musical landscape somewhat … and you might find you are somewhere near the land of the KINGBREAKER



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