DOPE — The Long Wait is Over, Blood Money Part 1 is Out Soon

The Villa Park, Illinois alt-metal project DOPE is more-or-less a one-man band.

Lead-singer, main song-writer and all-round multi-instrumentalist Edsel Dope originally issued a teaser “Drug Music” for the sixth studio album in 2013.

At around that time “Blood Money” was being conceived as a single album with various guest musicians helping out… and with guitarist Virus probably making the most effective contributions.

But over the course of evolutionary development Blood Money became a two-part album.  Fans waited with baited breath…

Luckily, for DOPE fans the world over, their long & patient wait is almost at an end …

This month DOPE have released a Music Video [see below] for the first Official Single — “Hold On” — from the long anticipated Blood Money Part 1 LP.

The new sound is frenzied and wild ... DOPE 2016
The new sound is frenzied and wild … DOPE 2016

“I think that it’s fair to say that Dope is one of the more evolved bands from our genre & time period,” Edsel says.

Our new single, ‘Hold On,’ is a great example of this. It sounds like Dope, but it is clearly, very modern, and in no way reflects a band who is stuck in its past...”

The hooks are melodic and memorable, while the musicianship is on full display. I’m very proud of Dope’s ability to walk that evolutionary line.”

This is by far, the most personal & vulnerable piece of art that I’ve ever released...”

Unlike some of Dope’s more theatrically driven works, “Hold On” is totally uninhibited, it is a reflection of my own personal story, told through a singular piece of art.”

The new sound is frenzied and wild, with Edsel’s unambiguous drummery at its core. And some fine fluid guitar-work also provided.

It reminds us of Motionless in White in terms of architecture, and Bullet for My Valentine in terms of musicianship.

Neil Mach 2016 ©


Blood Money - Dope
Blood Money – Dope

Blood Money will be Released: October 28, 2016






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