British Blues Award Winners — KING KING Live — Review Here

KING KING will release the live recordings of their sold-out concert held at the Glasgow O2 Academy — as a Deluxe Edition 3-disc set. The collection is titled “King King Live.

The triple disc live concert edition includes 2 CDs and 1 DVD and is released via Manhaton Records on Friday 21st October.

We had a listen:

KING KING - That familiar baggy, crushed-rock voice is mollifying and calm...
KING KING – That familiar baggy, crushed-rock voice is mollifying and calm…

From the opening raspy gurgles of “Lose ControlAlan Nimmo (“Jump and down and make a noise…”) with his super-talented band make an easy start with mottled rhythms, tinkled keys and the plush blaze of brightly-coloured guitar-work.

That familiar baggy, crushed-rock voice is mollifying and calm. And that’s the thing about this band…

Their hooks — their looks — even their stage presence, it’s all muscular and strong as a wild ox. They’re impressive as mighty oaks. Almighty in depth and dimension. Yet these musicians are always cool about their ability. Self-possessed, under self-control. They carry this off with certainty and aplomb.

Waking Up” from the “Reaching For the Light” album is groovy & smooth-sounding with a fantastic beat and the kind of riff that you find yourself humming the next day. This number has 1980s rock elements that reminded us of Whitesnake or even Journey. It’s casual and totally seductive.

We’ve already written about “Rush Hour” — it’s fair to say that this live version is brighter and more passionate than the single. This is a slow-build teardrop-puller with punchy drums and expansive organ-notes (from the extraordinary Bob Fridzema .)

The incredible guitar-part reminded us of the greatness of Jimmy Page — in other words, expect roaring spontaneity with pin-sharp perfection.

KING KING - electric zip and point-blank vigour...
KING KING – electric zip and point-blank vigour…

Other exciting tracks on this bumper selection include “More Than I Can Take” with syncopation that actually reminded us of old hammer-pants himself and especially his “U Can not Touch This. ” And if that seems far-fetched, remember that his riff was probably nicked from The Temptations by Rick James in the first place.

Let Love In” is a clap-along. The recording has all the electric zip and point-blank vigour we expect from this band.

There’s soul and emotion here.  Feeling and anguish, too. That’s why this is a multi-faceted experience…

KING KING are surely one of the best blues rock bands out there right now…

So, if you missed the Jeff Beck Group and The Faces when they first appeared — you can make ammends and stop kicking-yourself.
How? By buying into this Glasgow band…

Follow KING KING today and you can definitely say that you supported — right from the very beginning — the next big thing in rock and roll …

King King will start their UK tour on Wednesday 9th November (with their special guests “Broken Witt Rebels”)
You can also see King King live with Dan Patlansky and a host of other great-names at HRH BLUES 2017, Sheffield.
Words: Neil Mach 2016 ©
Main Image: Photo Credit Rob Blackham





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