SCANDAL — Tour Europe

SCANDAL from Osaka are one of the biggest bands in Japan.

Consisting of Haruna Ono (Vocal & Guitar) Mami Sasazaki (Guitar and Vocal) Tomomi Ogawa (Bass and Vocal) and Rina Suzuki (Drum, Vocal and Keys ) — they’ve been touring and recording since 2006.

SCANDAL are in Europe this week #scandalyelloweurope
SCANDAL are in Europe this week #scandalyelloweurope

Their seventh studio album “YELLOW ” was released in March this year…

This album includes the overtly poppy number “Love Me Do.” Despite it being more Spice Girls than Ramones it nevertheless has some woo-woo gushibility and all-round cheeriness that reminds us of the 1960s Mersey Beat sounds.

Stamp” — also on the album — is a thumper. The rhythms and general mood, though sexy and female-centric will never spark any r-r-riot. However, it is clever and hypnotic.

SCANDAL are in Europe this week…

Words: Neil Mach 2016 ©





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