We are pleased to tell you that the British progressive/melodic five-piece TOUCHSTONE have returned to the fold.

The voice is starry-eyed and inculpable innocence...
The voice is starry-eyed and inculpable innocence…

The band have introduced a line-up that features new vocalist Aggie [pictured] with keys player Liam Holmes, as well as Adam Hodgson (Guitars) Henry Rogers (Drums) and Paul ‘Moo’ Moorghen (Bass & Backing Vocals).

They announce a new EP ‘LIGHTS FROM THE SKY‘ Out 28th November 2016

Moo says, “Getting Aggie and Liam embedded into the band has rejuvenated and reinvigorated the whole vibe around the band. Aggie knows exactly how to use her voice as her instrument; she writes very thought-provoking lyrics and can pick out vocal melodies that are unexpected but fit perfectly within the music.

We had an early listen of the E.P.

You are gonna love it.

cinematic in scope
cinematic in scope

Lead track “Lights From The Sky” is cinematic in scope with expressive —slightly cockeyed — vocals [don’t worry, it adds magical intrigue.]

The new voice is starry-eyed and innocent,  though filled with artistic technique and glamour. The soaring guitar on this fabulous track causes an arc of flames to blaze across the blackness. Suggestive of the song-title.

Heavy rock fans will enjoy the guitar lines on “Tangled Line”.

Here elongated synth layers sinew around clusters of rhythms.

Aggie’s voice is filled with silky Eastern promise. Her song writhes and shakes like a shimmering shawl worn by an Andalusian dancer.

The zigzagging sounds create an intricate mosaic of patterns and colours… This reminds us of being lost in the souq.

With daylight running out… Will you ever find yourself again?

Words: Neil Mach 2016 ©

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