Northampton’s winners of Bloodstock’s Metal 2 The Masses (Corby finals) British metallers FROM EDEN TO EXILE (they rose from the ashes of Apparitions Of The End) have announced they’ll release their debut album “Modern Disdain” this June 2nd.

Volatile - hi-pressure , grizzled, back-grinding and sulphurous...
Volatile – hi-pressure , grizzled, back-grinding and sulphurous…

Lead single “Volatile” [lyric video below]  is hi-pressure, grizzled, back-grinding and sulphurous

With ferocious drums from Liam Turland and guttural cadavery from lead singer Matt Dyne.

It’s been an extraordinary time…” said Dyne, “We’ve […] sweated bullets nailing this album to the point where everyone in the band can honestly look each other in the eye and […] state this is the best of us, right now…

“Modern Disdain” will be released 2nd June 2017 via Attic Records




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