GARY LAMMIN — Store Gigs

Back in January we reviewed the new self-titled solo offering from GARY “Guitar” LAMMIN with its warm-sounding plummy vocals and persistent romantic hope. We thought Lammin revealed “Unexpected songcrafting abilities..” and we were pleased with the release…

Lammin never loses his control over grim reality …. nor does he lose his inner growl and lippy sass…

Since then the Bermondsey Joyrider has announced two rare London in-store appearances.

Both dates/places have special significance for Lammin, and his close working relationship with producer Dave Goodman [the legendary Sex Pistols sound engineer who died in 2005.]

Raven’s Records, 74 Bromley Road, in Beckenham [March 25th 4pm] is “literally a few streets down” from Goodman’s former Mandala Studios, where the bulk of the recording was completed more than a decade ago.

Meanwhile, Lammin says of his appearance at All Ages Records in 27 Pratt Street, Camden [1st April 4pm] “I particularly wanted a gig for the album on April Fool’s day — it was a day that me and Dave Goodman spoke about a bit”.

Lammin explained that the figure of the fool was often in their minds as the philosophical, dramatic, and dream-like songs took shape — “we both found it interesting that in a lot of Shakespearian plays, it is the court jester or the fool [who] is the only person who is actually is privy to all information — because nobody takes him seriously…

Our Album Review:

25th March – Raven Records (74 Bromley Road, Beckenham)

Performance at 4pm

1st April – All Ages Records (27 Pratt Street, Camden)

Performance at 4pm

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