FAKE SHARK — Heart 2 Heart

Taken from their new album “Faux Real” [out May 26] the Vancouver groove-heavy freak-pop band FAKE SHARK have revealed first single “Heart 2 Heart.”

Heart 2 Heart – chippier than a high-pitched chuck-and-duck crusher…

Faux Real is produced with Steve Bays and features performances by Hannah Georgas, R&B singer/songwriter Tonye Aganaba, Kate Kurdyak (of Vancouver’s The Katherines), as well as legendary Bronx rapper KOOL KEITH — who takes lead vocals on a track called “The Real Zombie.”

The single “Heart 2 Heart” is about the notion that you may be foolhardy — extra self-harmful — when you’re a long way from home.

And yet in place of the destructive consequences usually expected from being careless, you end up returning to the hum-drum with a handful of affirmative experiences and possibly even a new dynamic relationship

So, unsurprisingly, the song is chippier than a high-pitched chuck-and-duck crusher… with wobbling drops, dynamic spikes and vocal harmonies that will instantly make you fall in lurve…

So this is a love song for people who do not really want to fall in love, but when they are hit on the head by it, they can’t resist.



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