It’s not long till the month of Blogtober.

Curated by The Gig Slut – Peach Club + Guests 15 th Blogtober

Yep! That’s right… a whole month of blog-curated music run by our friends Lost In The Manor out of The Finsbury in London.

Thirty of the UK’s most tasty music blogs joined together in the curating of an electrifying and invigorating line up of some the best up-and-coming artists in the business…

The month of fine music starts with Roxanne de Bastion, Hattie Whitehead & Gitta de Ridder on Sunday October 1st

Then it’s OUR TURN when we curate Fuzzwalker & Aqualassie and the Sky Pumas on Monday, October 2nd between 7:00pm 11:00pm

Also look out for Sarah Walk, Fond of Rudy, Sonia Stein, Swimming Tapes, Adam & Elvis, MANTRAS, Anna Tosh, Wyldest, Kudu Blue, H.Grimace, Franko Fraize, Bad Sidekick, Peach Club, Brooke Bentham, Mellow Gang, Flight Brigade, Bryde, Casual Sect, Heavy Heart, Night Flowers, and a whole lot more!

Come on down!


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