Minnesota-born, London-based artist & singer-songwriter/producer JENNIFER ANN has a new EP “Take Me Home” out December 1st.

Originally she trained as a classical musician, but “Take Me Home” is Jennifer’s first incursion into contemporary pop under her own name, although it follows a string of sync successes — while unsigned — which saw her sell more than 25,000 singles and over a million streams.

With sharp slaps of percussion and stumbling piano this is too icy-cold to get you tingled all over with joy right away…

Jennifer also produced and arranged Cardiff singer Hannah Grace’s recent cover of “Praise You” [you’ve probably heard it on the Lloyds Bank TV advert] — this was released via Gabrielle Aplin’s Never Fade Records imprint & currently notching-up in excess of 1.5 million streams online.

Produced by Nick Atkinson (Black Honey, Gabrielle Aplin), the panoramic new video for Jennifer’s own release “Take Me Home” was shot in Jennifer’s native Minnesota.

Speaking about the track, Jennifer says: “Take Me Home is an illustration of this sense of longing that I often have to be back there [Minnesota].

It quite literally details some of the bits of Minnesota that I love the most — those warm early summer evenings with the scent of blooming lilacs in the air, spending every possible summer’s moment on the water (we are called the Land of 10,000 Lakes for a reason) and exploring the immense wilderness and countryside in northern rural Minnesota.”

Jennifer’s been airing the lead single & the title track, so we had a listen [shared below] :

With sharp slaps of percussion and tumbling piano this is too icy-cold to get you tingled-over with joy right away.

Sorrow comes and sorrow goes…” she sings, yet although it suggests despair, the song conveys hope.

Thus, against pangs of melancholy, great joy remains in reserve.

The voice may be wintry cool too, but it’s not utterly desolate. So the number rises obliquely like a fluorescent glowfly lifting into a promising future.


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