The Bedfordshire UK electro-rock band AKIVA produce songs that “tend to have a heavy theme of conflict and aggression running through them lyrically,” according to frontman Dave MacKenzie.

Akiva – meltdown in the corridors of power?

As we stand on the brink of nuclear Trumpageddon with terror on the street and meltdown in the corridors of power, it doesn’t feel right to be listening to homogeneous vocoder disposable pop featuring nobody special. That’s why we have something to say...”

The band includes Malcolm Carter (guitar, vox), Rob Mercel (bass) and Dave Mercel (drums) – who have known each other since schooldays in Bedfordshire.

The singer, guitarist & synth programmer Dave MacKenzie arrived from England’s Northwest later, bringing a passion for breakbeat and the groove and swagger of the Madchester scene.

The stunning new video for their new release of “M.O.D” has a narrative-arc that illustrate the lyrics of passion and despair. It’s the work of Berlin-based British animator Wayne McCauslin of the animation group Backyard Society.

The song has a goading ping, a cluster of yabbering rhythms and communicative, businesslike vocals.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/akivamusic/

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