What would a VHS cassette sound like from your cool uncle’s lost 80s collection?
So ask the indie-pop duo from Boston — Arjun & Kostas — aka MODESTA
Well, the thing is, Modesta, VHS was a videotape.
Did you mean: C60? [ C90 were crap, by the way, breaking all the time …] Oh yeah, you might’ve guessed it, we owned a collection, er, in the 1980s!
Anyway, we get it, sorry to be pedantic and all that, because their VHS EP is out now and it’s utterly superb!

Modesta – a beautiful cloud ofsumptuous, rich and velvety tones…

The title song is a beautiful cloud of sumptuous, rich and velvety tones. With sublime, superior and swishy electro-effects.. and the vocals? They’re sweeter than buttermilk… It’s like Shalamar met Rose Royce down in one of the Pet Shop Boy’s darkest dungeons and puzzled this out. Wonderful!

Broadway to Bombay” is avant-garde and edgy. And it carries the weight of experience on its padded shoulders. This song comes in, orders a drink at the bar and eyes the room. This song wears a white panama hat, Armani jacket, linen pants and loafers without laces. Yes, this song is Crockett (or Tubbs.) And it’s armed and dangerous…

Walking Through The Moon” is straight from the Illegal Alien Genesis time-frame. A flash of vibrant rhythms, coherent synthesizers, soothing but dramatic voices and a dance floor sensation that contradicts Arjun & Kostas’ art-house origins  and brings this onto the clubroom floor.

These tracks are full of complexity and creativity and played with genius.

Yes, when you want to pop your body to something more serious ‘n’ sacred than Smooth Criminal, at last you now have the chance…

Words: @neilmach 2018 ©

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