MALENA ZAVALA — Could You Stay

Born into a family of creative talents, MALENA ZAVALA is inspired by the women of her family and her small hometown in northern Argentina.

Every person in my family is truly unique to me and I draw inspiration from different parts of their life and ideology...” she says. “I’m really lucky to have people around me that let me be me…

Malena Zaval – a unique thistledown quality…

The London based artist, producer and filmmaker has now announced the release of her debut album: “Aliso

Aliso is a heterogeneous mixture of styles in a constant state of flux: of express ideas, moods and textures. It deals with issues of social identity, doubt, acceptance and blessing, artistic immunity and the permanent disconnection that seems to occur between cultures and relationship.

Malena’s notions are set against a backcloth of fluid psych-rock and pop dreaminess that seems to take influence from artists such as: Beach House, Tame Impala, Blake Mills and Devendra Banhart.

We checked out the new track, Could You Stay :

This is juicy & bluesy with sunny, elegant reflections and rhythm-tiles that spin around in the air between the delicious notes of guitar-sound. The mysteriously high-flown vocals remain angelically cushiony and have a unique thistledown quality of joyful weightlessness.

Aliso is out 13th of April via Yucatan Records


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