MALENA ZAVALA — A Vision That’s Changed

Born into a family of creative talents, MALENA ZAVALA is inspired by the women of her family and her small hometown in northern Argentina.

Malena Zavala – a virtuous & impeccable prayer…

Malena’s notions are based on a backdrop of psychedelic, fluid and dreamy pop that seems to have been influenced by artists such as: Beach House or Tame Impala.

We thought her recent track “Could You Stay” [from debut album “Aliso” out 13th of April via Yucatan Records] was “juicy & bluesy…” with “mysteriously high-flown vocals [that] remain angelically cushiony…

Now she releases her next album teaser, a wondrous and pure song titled “A Vision That’s Changed” [shared below] which is like a virtuous and impeccable prayer: opaque in distortion and full of mythological implications and aesthetic passion.

Malena offers; “Memories stay the same but people don’t, so what if that person came back to me. Would they even be the same? I don’t think so, so it’s about letting go…

Words: @neilmach 2018 ©


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