KADIJA KAMARA — Nothing Left To Lose

Since 2012, when we saw her live show for the first time, we’ve been fans of the delicious and relaxing voiced KADIJA KAMARA, the London-based alt-soul singer/songwriter — who has a love for 60’s and 70’s analogue sound. She has now released her excellent EP “Nothing Left To Lose.”

Kadija Kamara – a voice like buttercream & Scotch…

We had a listen:

Title track “Nothing Left To Lose” has an authentic Alabama junk-yard blues feel, with a voice of buttercream and Scotch…

Reminiscent of honey-liquored Janis Joplin — perhaps with a hint of iridescence in the cloudiness — this has muscular strength [it’s a tale about dealing with abuse] even though it seems as aromatic as crushed petals. The emotional delivery, and the soulful home-town sensation, makes this song feel sanctified.

Eyes On You” is hypnotically swirling and psychedelic in nature, and has a groovy synth [provided by Sony Hayden] and blunt bass notes with a rhythmic buzz that reminded us of Deee-Lite when they were at the top of their game. There’s Bootsy-style funk, and Beyoncé style strut going on too… plus an über-compelling, almost hypnotic, riff.

Like You” is about vulnerability and dreams and has a string arrangement [Alice Zawadzki & Sophie Gledhill] that provides amazing drama to the piece that’s rich in cinematic scope. Kadija’s voice is husky and interpretive and, although it sits in the mezzo-soprano range for much of the time, the singer also offers subcurves of dark-flavored passion that brings to mind “Love and Affection” era Joan Armatrading.

This is top-quality mid-20th century rhythm and blues for those who perhaps want to turn away from pain & anguish in these anxious times and, instead, enjoy some optimistic songs that reveal the true heart of the artist whilst they also communicate truths and dreams about modern-day life.

Words: @neilmach 2018 ©
Link: https://www.facebook.com/kadijakamaramusic

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