HRH BRAND — Launches Torpedo Recordings

TORPEDO RECORDINGS — part of the HRH Empire — is a management and consultation service aimed at promising talents in the rock and metal music community with the sole purpose of increasing band profiles and giving them that step up the ladder, in the format they require, that will tip the balance in their favour and help them attain their immediate goals.

Torpedo will offer new, breaking & exciting bands valuable services tailored to meet their needs…

Torpedo will be able to offer new, breaking & exciting bands the opportunity to obtain management and consulting, as well as a large number of valuable services tailored to meet their needs and budget.

With bespoke packages on offer from label to distribution, endorsement sponsorship, marketing, pr, website development, radio and television placement services etc. Torpedo will help bands achieve their ambitions.

Torpedo Recordings will be directed by Hard Rock Hell Radio station manager Jason McGuire, who has many years of experience in band management, tours, labels and media.

Jason says, “This is an extremely exciting opportunity for bands to get that lift up to the next level. It’s every bands dream to perform in front of bigger audiences and get themselves, seen, heard and talked about in as many territories as possible.”

This is now a reality and we can certainly help at Torpedo. With Distribution & marketing available in over 200 countries worldwide, future Torpedo Talent will certainly be broadening their horizons.”

Jonni Davis, CEO of Chic Festivals and Hard Rock Hell supremo Jonni Davis, added: “When your doors are getting kicked in with young and exciting bands daily, you have to react, we think this one stop vertically integrated music solution could really help in a positive way. Our mother label, Off Yer Rocka Recordings will now concentrate more on its portfolio of more established and International acts.”

Any bands interested in what Torpedo has to offer should check out their website and get in touch via the contact page with the assets required.

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