TALIWHOAH — Sweetest Escape

London-born and Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter and artist Talitha Cross aka TALIWHOAH was born into a big artistic family to a British-Nigerian-Lebanese mom and Jamaican dad, Talitha Cross had a very roundabout introduction to music.

TALIWHOAH – A calm sangfroid

Both her mom Toyin Adekale and auntie Maizie Williams were in the influential band Boney M.

We thought last year’s trippy slice of shadowy R&B titled “Details” had sparkling beats [detailing] every nuance… so we’re pleased she’s demonstrating her vulnerable side on her “Sweetest Escape” featured on her debut EP, New Wave Order, Vol. 1

It’s a wirly-swirly and contorted thing without ever getting hurry-scurry or impetuous.

A calm sangfroid with a syrup, cream and butterscotch voice that oozily sheds light on inner reflections…

Link: https://www.facebook.com/Taliwhoah/

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