RYDERS CREED — Debut Album

The five-piece Midlands-based UK rockers RYDERS CREED [who rose from the ashes of Black Rose Cadillac] — with Ryan Hulme (vocals), Myles Cooper (guitar & vocals) and Richard Clark (bass) teamed with Lee Hicks-Spencer (guitar) and Lee Gilbert (drums) to shine during the Hard Rock Hell’s Highway To Hell, 2017.

Ryders Creed – brotherhood and life on the dust-track road…

They won themselves a prize package that included a contract with Off Yer Rocka recordings, an opening slot on the Main Stage of HRH #11 in Wales, and a place on the 2018 HRH Road Trip.

They say they’re inspired and influenced by the classic rock of Black Sabbath, Clutch, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Status Quo, Monster Truck … to name a few.

We recently listened to the single “Headspace” — taken from their self-titled album and thought it contained, “slinky-inky bass lines and an absolute salvo of concrete rhythms… the song is dark as a dungeon but also offers the light of salvation through extra-luminous vocals.”

Also found on the album is: “On The Road” — a twisting chromium-plated wave of full-blooded classic rock. It’s an ode to brotherhood and life on the dust-track road, with a backbone of sharply punching rhythms and a magnificent riff. This hoodlum motorcycle anthem has incredible lead vocals and is filled with lithe rock ‘n’ roll masculinity and a sing-along chorus. It’s from the same book of open-terrain Wild West heroes that we all lurve — i.e. in the style of “Wanted Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi.

Rampant with buzzing guitar work & fast ‘n’ furious droning hummability –
Ryder” is a shout of enthusiastic praise for the type of bottom-rocking angel who means business and doesn’t tend to hang-around to face the music when things go awry. So with red-blooded, muscle-bound vocals this number simmers unbound.

The slow fire action is rampant with buzzing guitar work and the kind of fast ‘n’ furious droning hummability that we’d expect from an arena-ready rock act. This is reminiscent of something you might find on BLS “Shot to Hell.”

This is a yelping ‘n’ spritzy blues rock/hard rock outing — with songs that are often given a southern rock twist — and performed by champion-trick, stunt-riders who don’t mind touching their emotions when necessary, but keep things real. And keep things virile.

Words & pictures : @neilmach 2018 ©

Link: https://www.facebook.com/RydersCreed/
See them at Hard Rockin’, Love Livin’ Festival 2018, SOS Festival XI and Four Sticks : Classic Rock Weekender
Album Out June 1st

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