THE APOCALYPSE BLUES REVUE — which features Godsmack’s Shannon Larkin (drums) and Tony Rombolo (guitar) with Rafer John on vocals and Brian Carpenter on bass — have their brand new album “The Shape Of Blues To Come” coming out July 20th via Provogue/Mascot Label Group.

A jangled riff and smoke-dried voices… The Shape Of Blues To Come

Harmonically, these Florida based contemporary blues-prospectors expose a lot of minerals as they pan their beds and fetch their gems.

They touch-base with conventional blues on tracks like “Sincere” yet experiment with more highbrow & experimental sounds on tracks like the innovative “What A Way To Go” with Rombolo’s evocative guitar tones, Larkin’s fleecy touch on drums, and the honeyed vocal back-cloth.

Open Spaces” has a pussyfooting, sneaky-pawed skulk (Henry Mancini written all over it) — and it’s filled with sinewy, vigorous conviction, muscular voices, fascinating bass work and ultra-strong guitar. It’s a song of enigmatic resilience…

The strident and atmospheric “We Are One” has astonishing and granular guitar-work, unwavering rhythms and a clever cantata of voices — before a mud-soup swirl.

Hell To Pay” is a tasty Seventies sojourn with a jangled riff and smoke-dried voices. There is bombardment and heaviness in each chewed meditation.

And “Nobody Rides For Free” has a piping-hot guitar, a satisfyingly husky melody and a noble, trotting rhythm that leads the listener on a blues escapade, across the badlands, and into the light of redemption.

Release: The Shape Of Blues To Come
Provogue/Mascot Label Group
20 July 2018

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