KICK PISTOL — Self Titled EP

Formed by a group of St Albans, UK school-mates as recently as 2016, the indie rock band KICK PISTOL say they take their influences from groups such as Muse and Radiohead. But we think they sound more like early, post-punk THE CURE.

Kick Pistol – acid guts and uncomfortable rhythms…

The lads made their first public appearance in the summer of 2016 at the acclaimed M-Festival in St Albans and have gone on to perform around the St Albans and Hemel Hempstead venues.

The band consists of: Robert Sheppard (bass guitar & lead vocals), Ernie Wybrow (lead guitar & backing vox) and Neta Shribman (drums & keys).

Their first single recorded in the studio, “Because You Know” was released May 2018 and inspired them to release a self-titled EP.

We had a listen :

The Pragmatic” is an Ennio Morricone sounding judder, with cynical and disdainful voices, acid guts and uncomfortable rhythms.

Unobtainable” is equally dark with fluster-blustery percussion and some riffcycled oomph! [You’ll recognize it when you hear it!]

Losing Control” has a simple piano accompaniment and shaky-voiced charm…

On this evidence, KICK PISTOL are hard-headed non-wannabees with tru-telling honesty at their core… Is it too early to say they can be presented alongside Arctic Monkeys? Er, no.


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