TOKYO TABOO — No Pleasure Only Pain

The last time we wrote about TOKYO TABOO was when we covered the London-based band’s woo-woo ode to the city of Angels, ‘LA Love’.

Tokyo Taboo – an immediate and buzzing wild-eyed hypnosis…

The band have now announced a highly anticipated second album, funded in part by a hugely successful Pledge Campaign.

We listened to the first single to be taken from the album, “No Pleasure Only Pain” :

Written about the animal attraction you feel, even when you know desire will cause you pain, “No Pleasure Only Pain” causes immediate and buzzing, wild-eyed hypnosis as catchy thrum-based hookaboos from guitarist Mickey Danger rush alongside fantastical beats… and the vocal intensity of front-woman Dolly Daggerz creates some immediate and ball-dropping reactions…

Exciting, excitable and ex-cited

File alongside: Deap Vally, Juliette & The Licks



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