Plàsi - Photo Credit Milko Özlü

PLÀSI — Bright

The indie-folk singer-songwriter PLÀSI was born on the island of Crete to a Greek father but raised mainly in Sweden, where he moved with his mother at four. After studies in Stockholm, Milan, and Vienna he begun serious songwriting and released his first album, titled “Now & Then.” [2016]

Plàsi – The voice is poised, humble and brave…
His artist name derives from the Ancient Greek word for creation (πλάση) — and his early inspirations were creative acts within the acoustic folk genre, most especially: José González and Passenger.

We’ve been listening to “Bright” which is the second of three singles to be released from his upcoming EP titled “Mystery”.

This wonderful “feeling home, feeling real...” chant is accompanied by lighter-than-air strums and filled with buoyant vibration. The voice is poised, humble and brave without being at all insubstantial and the lyricism is Elysian. This is bewitching.

Photo Credit Milko Özlü


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