The exciting American violinist, singer and songwriter LINDSEY STIRLING is about to release her fifth studio album: “Artemis” — due 6th September.

LINDSEY STIRLING – princess of the wilderness…

We’ve already described “The Upside” (from the album) (featuring vocalist Elle King) as: “Contagious, a tachycardic number that integrates progressive house with orthodox pop…” so we are pleased to now share the title track “Artemis” (video shared below).

It’s a mystical, twin-horned, wunderbeast where LINDSEY plays goddess of the hunt, princess of the wilderness, Hestia of the Moon, and Athena of chastity.

The great Mother of Nature sends sharp crossbow darts into the heart of the wildwood with this one… there are bantam vocal sighs, intricate lacewing violins and pulsing beats.

And this is not a criticism… so please don’t read it that way… but Artemis sounds a bit “euro-pop” and sort of halfway between pulsing Italo disco and uplifting trance… yet at its core there is something that’s fundamentally medieval about the number, perhaps because of the violin, so this could easily be placed alongside Blackmore’s Night in the pan-Celtic rock category.


Photo Credit 📸 @kellybalch
Words: @neilmach 2019 ©

Artemis by Lindsey Stirling is expected 6 Sep 2019


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