SUN BLOOM — Take It Away

London based trio SUN BLOOM create surf, dream-pop and gentle indie-rock that will deliver refreshing sunshine directly into your heart…

The wobbly voice wafers & curls around a set of glittering rhythms…

Their new sound, “Take It Away” from their summer-born E.P. of the same name is available now, and we had a listen. [Video below.]

Along with a jarocho-style musical shake, the wobbly voice wafers & curls around a set of glittering rhythms much like a rainbow wahoo might do in the barracuda basin. The voice is milk caramel and the effect is rather like seeing yourself reflected in the patinated sheen on a diving bell.

Talking about video for the track,  front woman Viv Youel says:

“It’s a homemade video that captures the hazy joy of days at the seaside, trips abroad and summers spent in back gardens, larking around with not much on...”

A nostalgic insight into Summer times from different eras. I wanted the vintage footage to reflect the story of the lyrics, which are about looking back, and missing someone from your past who’s now far away- the memory persisting despite the distance.

You can get a copy of the E.P. HERE

Catch Sun Bloom live on Friday, 27th September for free at The Constitution in Camden.

File alongside: Alvvays


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