Those much-loved Scottish rock veterans GUN are excited to announce the release of their “best of” album titled “R3L0ADED” and due 29th November via Silver Lining Music.

In addition the band will launch the first single taken from the album the Stevie Wonder Cover “Superstition” on 20th September [shared below]

R3L0ADED” is a genuine statement of purpose: GUN look to the road ahead, seeking fresh challenges and fueling their unrealized ambitions. While the album is a jubilant outpouring of the band’s celebrated past, it also underscores a rock ‘n’ roll focus that is fixed firmly on the future. There’s a genuine sense of hope and creative thinking… with GUN there so much that can — and you know,  will be — achieved.

GUN Taking On the World
These are the soundtrack to a lot of good times and bad….

Whilst observing the 30th Anniversary of the superlative “Taking On The World”, the band’s 1989 debut album, this new double record also gathers in one place GUN’s best singles, taken from an award-winning career that spans three decades.

R3L0ADED” is presented as a double album, Disc 1 features singles from the band’s seven albums, such as first chart hit ’Better Days’ (1989), ‘Steal Your Fire’ (1992), ‘Don’t Say It’s Over’ (1994) and ‘Favourite Pleasures’ (2017). Disc 2 is a collection of cover songs, which includes ‘Word Up’ by Cameo (1986), for which the band won the prestigious MTV Europe Music Award for Best Cover.

Guitarist Giuliano “Jools” Gizzi comments: “R3L0ADED is a collection of our best singles.  We wrote a bunch of songs – the best we could do and had no idea if they’d be successful or if people would connect with them.

They are the soundtrack to a lot of good times and bad.  Now, people come up to us to say how these songs have touched them or made an impact, however small, in their lives. In 1989, we WERE taking on the world. We still are.”

Frontman Dante Gizzi adds: “Taking On The World really put us on the map…

“ Thirty years ago, our dream was simply to sign a record deal, release an album and maybe go on tour, no more than that. So it’s great to recognize something which means so much to us, and also to the people who have stayed with us over the years.”

Side A
1. Don’t Say It’s Over
2. Better Days
3. Break the Silence
4. Higher Ground
5. Something Worthwhile
6. Crazy You
7. Take Me Down
8. Steal Your Fire
9. Favourite Pleasures
10.Taking On The World

Side B
1. (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)
2. Every 1’s a Winner
3. Superstition
4. Union City Blue
5. Word Up
6. Success
7. Rock the Kasbah
8. Take Me To Church
9. Everybody Knows



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