DEWOLFF — Nothing’s Changing

Those Dutch “vagabonds from a different epoch…” i.e. the raw blues-rock trio DEWOLFF have released their new album titled Tascam Tapes  released via Mascot Records.

DeWolff Tascam Tapes
DeWolff Tascam Tapes

We think they produce reductionist yet heady concoctions which we’ve described as “voodoo pain and sweet, slow-release…

The band collected the Dutch Edison Award (The Netherlands version of The Mercury Music Prize) in February 2019 for ‘Best Rock Band’ and recorded their 7th ‘studio‘ album entirely on the road with only an 8-track and a handful of instruments. No drum kit, no Hammond and no guitar amps. If you like the idea of a raw sound in your psychedelic, southern-style rock, then you’ll be pleased to know this was written, performed and recorded on the road for less than 50 euros!

The band recently released the official video for their new track “Nothing’s Changing” [shared below] and say: “The video for our third single Nothing’s Changing was shot entirely during that 2018 tour on which we wrote and recorded [on the] Tascam Tapes…”

Nothing’s Changing” is, of course, very quavery (without being cacophonic) with a ruminating bass line and a pleasantly over-whomped rhythm. The melody is modest but not unimaginative… so this comes across like a proper slice of bare-ass, wood-shed, blues!

Order your copy of Tascam Tapes right now!


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