Pitchshifter Un- United Kingdom

PITCHSHIFTER — Un-United Kingdom Brexit Day Re-Release

The legendary, genre-breaking, Nottingham UK based, cult industrial punk-rock outfit PITCHSHIFTER are to re-release their charged & acerbic single “Un- United Kingdom” at the end of this month (to coincide with Boris’s Big Bong Brexit Day) and to bewail the misfortune of this shameful folly. They’re joined by like-minded accomplices including: The Wildhearts, Fear Factory, ‘A’, Sikth, Hundred Reasons and Earthtone 9

Un UK Pitchshfter
Un UK PITCHSHIFTER – A charged & acerbic single to bewail the misfortune of Brexit…

Once seen as one of the most imperative and meaningful bands on the planet, a long hiatus for PITCHSHIFTER has meant that their cogent mix of ideology, punk, drum n’ bass, weighty rhythms and combustible riffs has been regrettably missing from all our lives. For far too long. Last autumn they embarked on their first UK tour in ten years!

The band, once centered around guitarist and programmer Johnny Carter and bassist Mark Clayden, with Clayden’s brother Jon (JS) as singer/songwriter — ( the founding bassist  and original drummer D.J. Walters left the band in 2000, before the fifth album titled Deviant was released) — recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of their first “major label” album titled “www.pitchshifter.com”.

There was talk, also, of a seventh full-length album, with a working title of “Sprint Finish” but the only track to have surfaced was “Apply Yourself” [shared below] which, paradoxically, they didn’t.

UN-UKTheir “Un UK” (originally, 1999) is possibly the only punk single in the world that might get a self absorbed, consumerist, post-millennial deadbeat out of their rancid bed-sheets, and away from their perfunctory instagazing long enough to WTFU, slap themselves around the face, and start to revolutionize the shit out of this mess we have allowed ourselves to mindlessly flop into.

JS Clayden says,  “In these times of political and societal discord, we give you the ‘Un-United Kingdom 20th Anniversary Brexit Edition’, featuring gang vocals from […] pillars of the community...”

[The Re-release features: J.S. Clayden of Pitchshifter
, Burton C. Bell of Fear Factory
, Ginger of The Wildhearts
, Jason Perry of ‘A’
, Mikee Goodman of Sikth
, Colin Doran of Hundred Reasons
 and Karl Middleton of Earthtone 9]

The Single “Un-UK 20th Anniversary Brexit Edition” is available for pre-order and pre-save on Bandcamp, Spotify and all all other streaming sites here >>>

Link: https://www.facebook.com/Pitchshifter

Meanwhile, subscribe to their YouTube Channel to keep yourself alive…

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