Brave Rival

BRAVE RIVAL — Launch New Album Campaign

BRAVE RIVAL — the super-sensational blues-rock ‘n’ power-soul act from Hampshire, UK — a band that we’ve already identified as a top breakthrough band for 2020 have decided to grasp the nettle and make an album

Brave Rival
See what BRAVE RIVAL goodies lie in-store for you when you click here

The band boasts the breathtaking, sensory, double-act performance of Chloe Dixon & Lindsey Bonnick who provide the female vocal gymnastics, with Donna Peters on drums, Billy Dedman on bass, and the superlative Ed “The Shred” Clarke on über-exemplifying guitar.

You can be one of the first fans to contribute to the recording, production and distribution costs of their debut album simply by clicking on the link below and heading to their official campaign page where you can find all the details you will need… and to see what BRAVE RIVAL goodies lie in-store for you when you back them on this exciting journey.

Their passion and dedication is exciting to behold, and as they gain momentum why not become a part of their story?


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