Marjana Semkina


The magical and award-winning MARJANA SEMKINA aka Mariana Semkina — the iamthemorning lyricist, singer and co-songwriter — delivers her debut solo album, titled “Sleepwalking” on 14th February via Kscope.

It’s a mesmerizing concoction of alternative folk-pop & post progressive drama, with beguiling beauty and cleansing lyrics. We already tipped this artist as “one to watch” for 2020.

Mariana Semkina

Turn Back Time Mariana Semkina –
ambitiously depicted

This week she premiered her new track “Turn Back Time” that also features Craig Blundell and Nick Beggs.

It’s ambitiously depicted with a spectacular sense of cinemascopic paramorphism. The voice is slightly impish — yet full lunged — thus zesting. This is irrepressible.

The new album also features Jordan Rudess [Dream Theater] and the St. Petersburg Orchestra 1703


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