Malena Zavala


MALENA ZAVALA creates psychedelic, fluid, dreamy pop that seems to have been influenced by artists such as: Beach House or Tame Impala.

La Yarará” is out now on Yucatan Records and we already described one mournful song from the new album ‘Memories Gone’ as “elusive and meditational […] icy-clear, with jellified guitar and pellucid vocal...”

Malena Zavala
Malena Zavala – A voice of rosettes & arrowheads…

The album draws from various facets, emblems and nuances of Latin music and the culture she was raised into with: cumbia, Afro-Cuban, Afro-funk, Andean folk, Argentine folk, bolero-son, and reggaeton, all these approaches are sung in a mixture of English and Spanish and in Zavala’s dreamy voice.

For example, “I’m Leaving Home” shines like confiscated treasures left on a cold beach. The engulfed guitar squeezes like butter through the gaps in a rhythm that brings us a voice — a voice of rosettes & arrowheads, sharp and precise as a needle — and the ideas germinate with delicate decision.

This is a compressed tragedy that becomes increasingly moving with each silver reflection from the guitar.

File alongside: Anna St. Louis, Basia Bulat, Brittany Howard

Words: @neilmach 2020 ©

La Yarará by Malena Zavala is OUT NOW


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