MOLLY PAYTON — Corduroy from Mess

Auckland, New Zealand raised singer-songwriter MOLLY PAYTON has today issued her debut collection of songs in an E.P. titled “Mess”.

MOLLY PAYTON – a demonstrative, empurpled voice

Only 18 and now living in London, UK, after re-locating with her family, Molly has turned her teenage experiences into an accumulation of identifiable and highly poetic vignettes: “Mess is my first E.P. recorded in a bunch of studios all across London with a few of my mates. It’s about the way I dealt with moving to a new country and all the relationships I developed as I adjusted. It’s also in some ways about learning how to say goodbye to people.”

She shared the graciously strummed, modestly perfuming track “No One Else” at the beginning of the year, which set the tone for her work; and the E.P.’s lead track ‘1972’ with its downslope of ruminative keys and demonstrative, empurpled voice picked up strong support.

Her darkening voice moves from wistful melancholy to starry lambency in a radiant flicker. Adorable.

File alongside: Sinead O’Brien

Check-out new track “Corduroy” (shared below.)



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