Anna Leone

ANNA LEONE — Wondering

Swedish soul-princess ANNA LEONE was raised alongside four sisters in a quiet suburb of Stockholm.

An introspective video gamer and sci-fi  obsessive, Anna Leone fast developed a fertile inner life. Absorbed in DC comics and the Marvel narrative, Leone bought a guitar with no other intention beyond perfecting the songs of Bon Iver, Lana Del Rey and and Laura Marling. But she soon demonstrated an adeptness for writing her own viscerally stunning dream pop songs. And although she wrangles with incapacitating stage fright, she has managed to secure a rapidly growing international audience.

Anna Leone
Anna Leone – As synth wafts blow the mistiness away, the vocal comes to the fore…

Her new single, out now, titled ‘Wondering‘ was produced by Paul Butler (Michael Kiwanuka) — and is Anna’s first new music since 2018’s “Wandered Away” EP that brought unsanded, rustling poetry that was favourably compared with the best of Bob Dylan.

About the new song, Anna says: “I’ve been going back and forth recently trying to decide whether I should start releasing new songs. My music is very much about isolation and being disconnected, and I’ve been kind of questioning if that‘s the energy I should put out into the world right now.

I think ultimately though, the songs are about isolation but they’re also about healing, and I can only hope that that’s what people take away from them. I’ve been dealing with depression and anxiety for a long time and this album is sort of the culmination of all those feelings. I still can’t listen to it all the way through without crying, which is painful but also a good thing, I think. It feels cathartic.

Wondering” (audio shared below) has fulgent clouds of synth and, as wafts blow this mistiness away, the vocal comes to the fore. There are heavenly angels and celestial musicality but this is really a slow-paced chromatic fugue for the climactical melancholizing to bring maximum mournfulness.

File alongside: Lana del Rey in her saddest moment


Wondering is OUT NOW

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