Jonah Mutono


High-register soul singer JONAH MUTONO will release his 2020 album “Gerg” via EQT Recordings on 15th May.

Jonah’s voice is like caramel and jam…

The softly lyrical composition “1949” by the music creator from London, England / Kampala, Uganda (now L.A.) has already dazzled audiences around the world with its cosmic inflection and mollifying birdsong voice among the decrescendo.

Jonah’s voice is like caramel and jam… richly fruity with a delicious aftertaste of ginger and molasses, but sometimes it’s as dizzylingly high-altitude as a moonshot seraphim.

Now he brings another angelus, titled “The Low” and also from his forthcoming album “GERG” (video shared below) and it’s more of a tootle ‘n’ chirp, with falsetto hornsounds gushing from a chocolate liquor pudding-cake base.

This is convective celestification.

File alongside: Frank Ocean


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