AU/RA — Ideas Video

The Antiguan-German singer-songwriter AU/RA (born Ibiza) has released a handmade official video for her recent single “Ideas” which she filmed collaboratively with her fans, during lockdown.

AU/RA – protect yourself from false expectations…

With a video shoot about to happen — but nowhere to shoot it — Au/Ra invited fans help her create a new film for Ideas, asking them to posit footage to become part of an official vid. Shot plainly yet potently against plain white backdrops, the multi-performance video features Au/Ra filmed in isolation.

Discussing the video, she says: “The video is about making the best of a situation together. I felt it was important that we give my listeners a video for the song and I thought it would be really cool to involve them and create something together. It’s made me so happy to see how enthusiastic and supportive everybody has been about it, and I would love to do something like this again!

Ideas is an attractive track that opens with serenely authoritative vocals that build towards a captivating electro-pop chorus, as the song exemplifies Au/Ra’s characteristically expressionistic, narrative realism.

She says: “Ideas is about trying to protect yourself from false expectations. I very often build up these fantasies of how I’d like things to happen – and inevitably end up being disappointed when things don’t turn out that way. So really, this song is a warning to myself, haha! I’m really looking forward to seeing and hearing how listeners interpret the song.

File alongside: Ava Max, Sabrina Carpenter


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