Living Dead Stars Photo Credit Gili Dailes


Expansive music is alive and well here. Rousing guitars develop, inspiring lyrics stir emotions, and optimism appears only when it needs to. The sound from California band LIVING DEAD STARS pays homage but isn’t defined by bands such as Avenged Sevenfold. These influences are instilled, they’re worked upon, driven with heart and soul. And the band mean what they’re writing as written notes have been turned into lyrical gems of ingenuity and purpose. On top of that, the instrumentals crank up the quality.

Living Dead Stars
Living Dead Stars – not trapped, not burnt, but inspired…

And Living Dead Stars play audaciously. The guitar presence is fundamental to their overall output, the burning desire to create advanced concepts bubbles in their craft and their minds. They’re not sticking to a formula that has been done to death either, they’re upping the scale and changing the tide. This can only be acknowledged further by the melodic metal faithful.

The band’s self-titled record isn’t a carbon copy of another album. It is an original demonstration of good, honest songwriting, signifying that this act want to be different. The music will consume the listener in a way where they’ll feel interlocked within its concept, stuck to its blistering core, not trapped, not burnt, but inspired. Being inspired by a piece of art helps mental instability and Living Dead Stars convey through their lyrics at points, that they’re not fully enchanted by life.

Those interchanging musical elements spark fury on the self-titled album. At moments, guitars break ground, and those bass sounds offer a great underlay. And the competence of these musicians is high, so high it’s ludicrous. They play boundlessly, wrapping their muse around everything they design, and it’s sincere.

All tracks on this vast record create tension. Nightmare starts with blistering guitar lines and heightened vocals. It’s an intense roller-coaster of emotion and is story fueled. Black hearts have been flooded as the darkness ingrains. Killzone is a well-mastered track. Vocally and lyrically decisive, resolute in its output. These lyrics, if hot, would sting. Hopeless is a subtle embrace. The piano presence offers serenity. It has depth and meaning, a fable of broken souls. Fallen begins raucously certifying Living Dead Stars as instrumentalists of a grade a status. The chorus is heartfelt and lyrically as it describes deepened scars.

Living Dead Stars are a band that have talent and desires to be the best. Their music is loud and technical, brimming with anecdotes that have been written remarkably well. Their future looks glittering.

File alongside: Pop Evil, Breaking Benjamin

Main image: Photo Credit Gili Dailes
Words: Mark McConville


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