After three years of relative silence, the mysterious London based, UK dark synth-pop act PILLARS is about to release her second EP, titled “CIRCA” — this June 17th 2020.

Pillars – bewitching…

She says she’ll donate any money she makes from the first track from the EP, titled “Blame” to the Black Visions Collective, who are committed to collective liberation.

The song is a bewitching, incantatory spell, with dreamlike organs, sashays of organza synth, stippled beats and a silhouetting voice that’s always half slink, half shingle.

While “Better Me” sprawls and simmers…

The lemon butter voice on this song is breathtakingly slender — as it zephyrs, alone, over stunning brumous architecture. This is dulcifluous…

Link: https://www.facebook.com/pillarsmusic/


main photo: @mariekemacklon


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