The Liverpool based, English indie-pop band THOSE FANTASTIC THINGS have released their new single, titled “I Never Left” and taken from their freshly released 10-song 30-minute snappy and joyous debut album.

Those Fantastic Things – a retro-melancholic exploration…

The new song is a retro-melancholic exploration of their school days when the band were mere bairns, and is delivered by band leader Paul Donnelly,

It is founded on buff riffs and arrives pre-packed with a rollicking chorus. The number was produced and co-written by David “Insanity”  Harry of the 90s pop / techno band Oceanic.

With a roil of drums, and a package of scrappy ‘n’ plucky guitars, the vocals are custard and caramel… somewhat sweet but also sarcastic.

Paul says: “The song is the dark heart of the album, it’s why it’s the title track. Once we recorded it, the whole project made sense. We took something I wrote which was terse and weird from years ago, and turned it into something so in-your-face, immediate and fresh sounding. It was one of those moments when you know you’re on to something special…

File alongside: The Jam, The Housemartins

I Never Left by Those Fantastic Things taken from the Album I Never Left is OUT NOW


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