The Edinburgh born melodic-rock singer and songwriter GRANT KILPATRICK has released his video for the new single “Out My Mind” — a thundering indie rock behemoth that was recorded & produced with Bruce Rintoul (Vukovi / Fatherson) and mastered by Ed Woods (Reuben / The Xcerts).

Grant Kilpatrick
Grant Kilpatrick – a cunning blend of jangle ‘n’ twang…

Grant says: “I’m often confused about what to believe nowadays. Whether that’s fake news, social media or the latest fad diet…”

Out My Mind touches on that ‘information overload’ that we’re all feeling right now. Ironically I’m sure I wrote the lyrics on my phone while also scrolling through Twitter for some inspiration...”

This splendid rock gallimaufry is a cunning blend of jangle ‘n’ twang with pre-cooled and self-possessed vocals and plenty of corking expressivity.

The lively riff is vivid ‘n’ physical while the glowing chorus (it brings to mind the best of High Flying Birds) is dangerously addictive. Stunning!

File alongside: Frank Carter


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