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The five-piece indie-punk rockers from Brighton, UK, CREATURE CREATURE, whose debut album: “Two Finger Tantrum” will be released July 10 2020 via their own label Creature Eats Records have released an impressive new single, titled “The Early Days” (official lyric video below) taken from the album.

Early Days Creature Creature
Early Days – tangy plangency….

With a nifty line of chubby drums bringing about a fast-paced beat, the underground riff has a tangy plangency about it that will surely remind you of the neatness and efficiency of those Green Day pop-punk parades of the late 80s.

Still, stylistically and vocally, it’s less indolent than the Ramones, more brash than The Dickies, and just as charmingly disarming as Buzzcocks. The song is about dumped memories and fading (emotional) battery packs: “I never thought it’d be a flash in the pan…

Yes, good point, why is it that vitality seeps from things when we need them the most? This is gloriously significant. And, of course, very pertinent in this time of melancholy.

An expressive slice of bouncing sound that will make you think…

words: @neilmach 2020 ©
main image: Captivitas Photography

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