Andrew Thomas

ANDREW THOMAS — Public Servant

The new single from the ‘On The Rise‘ guitarist and songwriter ANDREW THOMAS from Hull, U.K. is titled “Public Servant”.

Public Servant – begilded paean

It’s a multi-faceted exaltation for the unnamed professionals who produce nothing, manufacture nothing, claim no monthly bonuses, grab no dividends, and get no back-handers… and yet they find themselves on the “front line” in a “war” they didn’t sign-up for and are ill-prepared to face.

Simply put, their deliverables, their efficiency goals, and their profitability lines are life itself. And yet these few are valued less (by powers that be) than tax avoiders, trust fund managers, wealthy oligarchs,  perpetual travelers and legal loopholers…

This paean is a softly strummed, begilded, triple-time chant that has been affectionately given and comes with a virtuous voice and oodles of compassionate generosity.

Andrew is currently working on his second studio album and these new recordings will see him co-producing from the first time.


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