KING KING by Graham Milne

KING KING — Never Give In

The phenomenally groovy blues-rock band KING KING will release their fifth studio album, titled “Maverick” on Friday 16th October 2020 via Channel 9 Music – King King’s independent new label.

KING KING it’s time to be indomitable…

The latest single ‘Never Give In’ is out now. The single is taken from the upcoming 10-track offering (available for pre-order via See the video, shared below…

This is a pounding rock thump with guitar slabs and organ scabbards. The voice is unconquerable and the sentiment is valiant. Woohoo!

We love this on many levels … it’s time to be indomitable and this is where it all begins.


Main image by Graham Milne

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  1. Neil Mach ©

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