Trower, Priest and Brown

TROWER PRIEST BROWN — United State of Mind

The Procol Harum guitarist ROBIN TROWER who transcended, over the years, into a truly self-sufficient blues guitarist of the highest possible rank and significance, teamed-up with the much respected reggae vocalist MAXI PRIEST (both men were born in Lewisham hospital, London, 1945 & 1961 respectively) and multi-genre instrumentalist, writer, producer and former Waterboys musician LIVINGSTONE BROWN to write and record their collaborative album : “United State of Mind” in 2019.

Union State of Mind
Union State of Mind – The rhythms are soothing and opulent, the orchestration is elegant, and the voice is smooth like cointreau…

After some live dates and perhaps a few hiccups, the trinity TROWER PRIEST BROWN will release their smooth-blues album on October 9, 2020 via Manhaton Records.

The title track (released as a lyric video, see below) is a jazzy blues / funky groove number that offers oodles of internalized hoodoo in its soul… to make all the frazzled mulligrubs you probably collected over this madcap year disappear.

Are We Just People” is a charming ‘n’ sympathetic wallow of wah wah alongside a seductive, candy-butterscotched voice.

Here, the guitar is graceful and well-behaved, as it exudes luminous charm and pirouettes, like a sylph in dappled light, on this porcelain pas-de-deux. Stunning!

To be loved is a strength. To love is a weakness...” Gabor once said. And the rather assonant track “A Fire Like Zsa Zsa” brings this sense of spirited nip and nimble. You’ll not tame some! This is a song of relinquishment and liberation.

Hands to the Sky” is an outpouring of encouragement and optimism. The rhythms are soothing and opulent, the orchestration is elegant, and the voice is smooth like cointreau, and intoxicating like cherry plum brandy. Delicious!

This is a decorous and dignified album of graciously exquisite sounds presented by three superlative talents. The songs will steady your nerves and settle your jitters. Pure velvet harmony…

Words: @neilmach 2020 ©

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