SAMANTHA MARTIN Photo Credit © Renan


The powerhouse Canadian songwriter, singer, arranger and bandleader SAMANTHA MARTIN blends roots rock, blues, soul, and gospel to create extraordinary vocal masterpieces.

On 20th November 2020 Sam and her 11-piece blues/soul band, the DELTA SUGAR, will release their Darcy Yates and Renan Yildizdogan produced new album “The Reckless One” via Gypsy Soul Records.

The band’s name is a tribute to the southern blues traditions that Samantha admires and that electrolyzes her work.

The follow up to 2018’s Juno-nominated and successful “Run To Me” album, the November 2020 release marks a second monumental milestone for Samantha Martin, the proven multi-faceted artist and songwriter. Eleven of the twelve songs on the album were co-written or composed exclusively by Samantha.

For example, “I’ve Got a Feeling” (the first single from the album and shared below) co-written with neo-soul artist Curtis Chaffey, is an an exceptionally dramatic outpouring of immoderate passion that has been enriched by Samantha’s evocative performance and tannic voice.

Her delivery is every bit as peppery-velvet as anything you remember from Etta James. The melancholic atmosphere is adorned with melodious keys, and the band keep the percussion elements and backing voices simple, so the audience can focus on the skill and ability of the stupendous song-style.

Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar Photo Credit © Mike Scott

Love Is All Around” is a fantabulous big chorus number with sumptuous orchestration, virtuous rhythms and buttery horns. The wedding cake voice is rich, velvety, and creamy. This is a joy.

The only non-Martin number is Dylan’s “Meet Me in the Morning” and this was (once) a dry rhythm blues number now jazzed to the max with full-blown trumpet huzzahs, lithe electric piano streamers and chorus hosannas. Here, Samantha gives it the full “Tina” treatment… as she brings this stunning song from “Blood on the Tracks” a star-studded layer of satin-bodied sensuality, undeniable toughness, and oodles of earthy sassiness. This is an outstanding track.

Don’t Have to Be” is a springy and spirited rhythm and blues jaunt with the air of early Tina Turner about it. In fact, this thrilling number sounds like something that could have come from the Stax stable in Memphis during their golden years, and recorded by the house’s illustrious ‘funk n’ gospel band. Wowee!

This is a spectacular recording. Samantha offers the same effusive passion and robust supercharged capability as the greatest Queens of the Blues have done before her during the 50s, 60s and 70s. And her sensational supporting ensemble are truly dazzling in their cohesion and eloquence.

File alongside: Judy Clay, Jean Knight

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Words: @neilmach 2020 ©
Main image: Photo Credit © Renan


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