Mike Ross

MIKE ROSS — Introduction Documentary

Talented British music creator MIKE ROSS is an ambitious author of momentous montages, crafty configurations, blues-rock ballads, and ingenious impressionisms.

We described his recently released album, titled Clovis Limit II as “fine woodshed blues [with] dynamic riffs… packed with ingenious musicality.” And we thought the whole disc radiated, “optimism through lambent guitar-work and expert lyrics...”

Now, Mike will release a specially made short documentary titled : ‘An Introduction to Mike Ross’  that provides an intimate insight into his history, roots, career and creative process; also, the truly crucial role that music has played in his life. This biographical feature is sure to please and fascinate fans and will also be a valuable watch for other musicians and rock lovers.

Mike explains: “I’ve always loved watching music documentaries as I really enjoy finding out my favorite artists’ backstories. My own career has spanned over 20 years but not all of it is in the public domain so I thought I’d create my own short history lesson for fans: “An Introduction to Mike Ross”.

Originally conceived as a series of fifteen short videos to run on social media, this compilation version has brought all of the original episodes together to make one complete work. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making them: it was really cathartic and interesting to revisit my past in this way.”

Narrated by Mike himself, the slideshow movie is like a bonus DVD and offers many intimate insights into the man and music. From his birth in Durham and his childhood in the North East of England, Mike tells his story and, from the beginning, explains the enormous importance that music has had.

Check it out here:

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