Miley Cirus

MILEY CIRUS — Zombie Cover

Dolores O’Riordan wrote the protest song “Zombie” after the IRA bomb attacks in Warrington, England in 1993 that killed two innocent children and injured fifty-six others. The classic CRANBERRIES number was famous for its angry grunge attitude and fierce refusal to back down on tackling a difficult subject.

Sadly, the Irish singer-songwriter died after accidental drowning (in a hotel bathroom) following sedative medication (2018).

But the crying in our head continues… this time with Miley Cyrus bringing the roar, as we face even more fear in our lives and face the possibility of all turning into zombies…

Her cover was performed on 18th October in support of the NIVA [National Association of Independent Places] Emergency Relief Fund, a fund that aims to raise money so that treasured music venues don’t disappear forever,

The latest #SOSFEST version of the number, recorded live by Miley at the Sunset Strip’s Whiskey a Go Go is colossal and undeniable.

It is a fervent rendition of a song that was already running hot in stubborn aggression and now, from the depths of Miley’s sooty and stained throat, brings a renewed sense of resolve that is even more indefatigable.

This is an exemplary handling of a much admired song. It embodies all the bitter truth and painful exasperation of the original.

Highly recommended. Please share & make a small donation to the cause.


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