Future Radio photo credit Christiaan Baartman


FUTURE RADIO comprises of the South African Sean Bean lookalike multi-instrumentalist, visionary and songwriting & guitar-playing frontman JOHNNY FUTURE who has worked with art visualizer Drikus Roets and co-producer and engineer Izak Vorster, founder of Greensound Studios in Centurion, Pretoria, to bring his creations to life.

Future Radio

Through a combination of words, music and visuals, the team offers a dynamic and entrepreneurial theatrical experience. The parts are called “seasons” because they are interwoven with their own custom-made visuals. This is a highly personalized, multi-dimensional craft-work.

FUTURE RADIO presents their debut album, titled “Freedom” on 13th of November.

Freedom deals with the concept of emancipation, especially when it comes to artistic pursuit of purpose and challenging the status quo. So, for example, episode 6: “Break Us” has graveled rhythms, a sense of displeased buzz and smoky lyrics fueled by a clever bass touch (Nico Badenhorst plays on recordings). The lyrics are delivered with courage, yes, but also with a keen sense of balance. The guitar solo towards the end is fearless and purposeful — as if it is meant to be a kickass huzzah! to our many detractors (even the ones we see in the mirror!)

Johnny Future

Flight” asks what we are running from? Do we flee from our own ability? Do we escape our own integrity? The song questions whether to escape back into ourselves, as in “Run Baby Run” is consistent with human endeavor…

As a species, we always advance to conquer new goals and progress beyond (visible) horizons. But we feel fatigued when faced with so many obstacles and especially when our objectives extend beyond our reach… that’s when our perseverance transcends our potential, and we might fall into catastrophic depression. Many of us experience this difficult situation right now. We feel ineffective and powerless. The driving rhythm of this number is accompanied by facilitating harmonies (Christiaan Baartman, backing vox.) What do we do? We re-emerge and we go again… It’s a cycle and we are on repeat!

Overall, this is a brisk and invigorating piece of re-vitalizing rock.

Words: @neilmach 2020 ©

Main image: Christiaan Baartman

Link: https://www.facebook.com/futureradioband/

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